Lucid Surrender: The Ambient Meditations

by Entheo

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Lucid Surrender features the planetary frequencies of Mercury and Venus' sidereal periods as well as the Great Platonic 26,000 Year cycle (The Precession of the Equinox). These massive cycles become audible to the human ear when the higher octaves are played and, when used with intention, can bring into greater focus the qualities and information contained within their cycles and patterns. The major point being to infuse a galactic sense of awareness into art and see what happens!

The pure tones reflecting these astronomic movements are further beautified with thick harmonic layers, intuitive melodies, and evolving dynamic textures, making each track a subtle and gradual journey to deeper peace.

"The intention with this music was to use what I knew of planetary frequencies and A=432 Hz tuning and, create something beautiful that people could play anywhere. At this point I'm still fairly new to producing, so I'm experimenting with different approaches and ways channel my creativity and intentions to heal through music. I to make something that people could listen to anywhere, anytime and know that good vibrations are filling that space. So much of this Great Work we are all doing is letting go of resistance and allowing Divine Will to manifest through us. That's where the title comes from. This album is to support and encourage our our surrender to life unfolding with perfection. I know for me, choosing to surrender has made ease, grace, magic and miracles more commonplace in my life, we hope it does for you too."

you are awake

you are dreaming

you are awake

you are dreaming

you are awake

remember to surrender


released August 21, 2013

Produced by Theo Brama.

Tracks 4 & 5 written by Amma Lightweaver and Theo Brama.
All other tracks written by Theo Brama.

Vocals by Amma Lightweaver on tracks 2 & 3.

Additional vocals by Water Dropz on track 3.

Artwork & Design by Elijah Parker

Produced at Onedoorland Studios



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Entheo Portland, Oregon

ENTHEO is a dynamic musical duo, channeling acoustic medicine songs, mythical dance music, and ambient meditative soundscapes.

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