Open Human Heart

by Entheo



simple acoustic raw bedroom studio recordings from the deep waters of transformation.

This album is an offering to you who are hungry for more conscious uplifting music that is real and encompasses the full spectrum of human experience. These songs celebrate the journey from the constriction of unconscious suffering to the freedom of conscious, joyful creation aligned with Source. Each song offers wisdom that can support us living more in alignment with the cosmic order of things.

Bless your journey.


released May 17, 2014

All songs from Source to serve the evolution of human consciousness.

Theo receives the songs. Amma adds beautiful harmonies. Together they weave the beauty and struggle of divine union, finding balance in this ever expanding perfection unfolding.

Cover Photo by Sophia Emigh
Album Art by Elijah Parker

Special thanks to Binah, Elijah at Onedoorland, MUSE, and our Fundrazr family for so generously supporting us and continually encouraging us to put ourselves out there.



all rights reserved


Entheo Portland, Oregon

ENTHEO is a dynamic musical duo, channeling acoustic medicine songs, mythical dance music, and ambient meditative soundscapes.

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Track Name: Blink of an Eye
sometimes all we have is our voice
choked up and scared to say what we mean
set it free and watch your heart grow wings
and you're lighter in the blink of an eye

sometimes all we have is a message
all bottled up inside
send it out across the open ocean
and you're sailin' in the blink of an eye

Rest assured we will learn from our mistakes eventually
when we know enough to let it all go with the flow
start over give it one more try
Livin life in the blink of an eye

sometimes all we have is a little light
all bottled up inside
let it shine watch it burn so bright tonight
back to ashes in the blink of an eye


when I can see through what hides The Truth from me
all I can see is the beauty underneath
unfolding perfectly

sometimes all we have is surrender
backed into a corner with nothing to lose
let go and rise again from the ashes
and you're flyin in the blink of an eye


and you fall sometimes
but your tears will dry
and you'll get it in the blink of an eye
Track Name: Dive Into Now
I came from in my cage
burned through this fear and rage
I came from chains
through bondage struggle and pain

and I am alive today
with one thing left to say
all the reasons I believe I came
are melting into feeling

melting into feeling

crack me open
let me feel all I can
I wanna breathe it in again and again

set my soul free
let me be all I am
I wanna hold the sky in the palm of my hand

And live beyond
what's come before
the vision is right now
with open wings
I embrace everything
that's ever brought me down
and dive into now

I bet you know the same
helpless frustrated state
I bet we've all been on the floor before

sometimes all we can do
is let go and fall right through
there is a blessing waiting for you
inside the feeling

melt into the feeling


make love to the mystery of life unfolding
we are blooming

it's in us
all the love
Track Name: Beautiful Breakdown
Verse 1:
Circling a star, round and around it
in a sea of darkness, drowning in ashes
afraid of the fear
and what might happen if I let go of it all
free fall

Verse 2:
Praying for a sign, to guide me closer
and it comes in time, but its not towards the light
its deep down below, to the gift in the shadow
I know, I know, I came to go

Beautiful breakdown teach me how to feel
show me what is real
If I knew how to grow through the walls around I wouldn't need to break em down Oh how the fear shakes me to my knees until the full release brings me grace and ease revealing all I need

Verse 3:
If I push the fear away before i get the blessing it comes back another day am I willing to see I've been hiding from your gaze
disguising my own face I look into the pain and say

I'm willing to receive
All my dreams
All my dreams

Let it come let it come let it all go
Let it come let it come like a waterfall
Let it come let it come let it all go
Watch it all grow
Track Name: Common Design
these family lines go farther than we know
beyond ancient future times
and what we have are stories and signs
blank puzzle pieces and hand me down minds

but we are more than just machines
in some nightmare of a dream
but if you don't know why you're here
well it's hard to see what it means

and there's a longing deep inside
to be free from all the lies
to know we do make a difference
and we're on the same side

Oh this life is not just mine
I send ripples through space and time
and when I see myself reflected in your eyes
the mystery collides
and destiny redefines
Our common design

well I alone cannot save this world
but I can sing m song and make waves across the pond
and I believe despite all the doubt
cause I've seen what's possible when we love enough to work it out

it's been a long hard road for so many
the time's come we're finally ready
and there's nothing left to do
but come together and choose

what do we want?
what is this worth?
how can we learn a little more from the earth?

we all bleed
we all breathe
we all come from the same seed

Track Name: Open Human Heart
if I stop tryin so hard
would it come to me more easily?
can I be in my open human heart
feelin' receivin'

I'm takin my time
just livin my life

Freedom is what I want
and I surrender again and again
can I let go and dive in to become this open moment

if I stop reaching so far
would it come to me more easily?
can I be in my open human heart
feelin' receivin'

I'm takin my time
just livin my life


feein' sensin' pulsin' body
receivin' all my love
even if I'm ragin & breaking apart

can I stay in my heart?

I can stay in my heart!

Track Name: Go With the Flow
I've been taken for a ride
I was holding on tight for my life
now I can let go of the need to know
of the need to know
how it's gonna turn out
I feel it'll work out somehow

If I follow my truth inside
I know this will set me free
set me free
and theres no more need to worry
cause I can go with the flow
and I will know what I need to
when I need to

I'm not pushin not stoppin not droppin it
I'm on top inside and out
winnin cause I lost it all
standin cause I learned to fall
takin one step at a time
one letter one word UH
with the bass line oh oh oh
on and on

uh yeah
the fear distorts and contorts and warps our source
creating all sorts of pain of course
until we look it straight in the face
with the courage to say
yeah ok I'm afraid, but I'm gonna do this anyways
I'm gonna live my dream today
and it's ok if I lose my way


let it come deep from within
open up to receive
refocus on shadows and light
it'll come in time
you can trust in life

and follow your truth inside
you know this will set you free
set you free
and there's no more need to worry
cause we can go with the flow
and we will know what we need to when we need to
yes we can go with the flow
and we will know what we need to when we need to
Track Name: I Am The Stillness
I am the darkness that is the light, I am the stillness (X2)
that is dancing

Taller than a mountain
Wide like a sky
Deeper than an ocean
Longer than time

Falling like a fountain
Born to fly
Out beyond my horizon
Into the night