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ENTHEO is here to offer the world inspiring and uplifting music that spans acoustic, electronic and ambient genres. Our music carries the intention to awaken consciousness and transform our suffering into joy, freedom and love. Our acoustic songs are empowering pop-rock ballads that speak of our interconnection with each other and all creation. Our dance music opens the heart and lifts the soul. And our ambient music holds a soft sonic space for any daily practice or creative nourishing activity.

We believe that spirituality and art are deeply interwoven and can be deeply healing, inspirational and transformative with intention and awareness.

This is what ENTHEO is here to do.

To do this in a good way requires free time, and free energy. So this subscription service is to allow and encourage us to continue creating more and better music while caring for our family.

This is a win-win situation.

You not only get first dibs on the best and newest ENTHEO releases, but you also you get to know that each and every month you are supporting the very foundations of this creative family devoted to awakening, freedom and liberation. Together, we are co-creating a brighter future.

Thank You form the bottom of our hearts,

Theo & Amma,

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Portland, Oregon
ENTHEO is a dynamic musical duo, channeling acoustic medicine songs, mythical dance music, and ambient meditative soundscapes.

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