Finally Home (single)

by Entheo



This song is about the feeling of finding Home with a capital H. The ultimate Home where we can rest in the arms of the divine, relaxing into all experiences, finding complete trust that it's all going to work out. There is really only one Home and it is in the heart of every being. It's a feeling, and when found, it is the fulfillment of our deepest longing for unity with the source of all life. There is no food no love no thing more delicious than returning to this Home. You will know it when you find it by the quality of your weeping. May we all recover this divine resting place where all our wounds, fears and pains are eased with the infinite love found here.


I grab at the sight of light
flowin from inside
I miss again fall into the unknown, oh no
I wonder if I got what it takes
to make it through the night
wake up and rise again

And sing we've made it this far
I just wanna fall into your arms
cause I've been searchin for so long
and I'm finally home
finally home
finally home

Through the dark and light
I'm feelin so alive
even with all the pain
love remains
holding everything
all our forgetting
wake up and rise again


home home home....

Relax into everything
let go know you're home


home home home...

relax into everything
let go know your home


released June 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Entheo Portland, Oregon

ENTHEO is a dynamic musical duo, channeling acoustic medicine songs, mythical dance music, and ambient meditative soundscapes.

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